savouring samples at the larder

We once more appreciate you for taking our catering services into consideration!

In connection with requests for tasting samples, it is our extreme pleasure to fulfil this and we present TWO OPTIONS:

1. A FREE sample box which has some of OUR BEST CANAPES and some choice dessert canapés.
We avail bookings for canapé samples between 10-12.30 pm on weekdays and on Saturdays at 12.30 pm.ALTERNATIVELY
2. A request whose order was submitted earlier for a PARTICULAR MENU you have opted to taste. Because of the huge number of gourmet meals listed on our website, it is not possible for us to avail all these every day. All you need to do is to make a booking with us 10-14 days earlier.

We shall invest every effort to cater to the date you requested; however, kindly note that this is subject to our being available around the event/catering commitments.

MENU TASTINGS bookings are planned for weekdays at 1.30pm and on Saturdays, mid morning. This sample shall be sufficient to feed a couple of individuals and a $55.00 nominal cost is payable through electronic transfer, cash or credit card through PayPal, to cater for fresh, superior ingredients.

Kindly feel free to book an appointment EARLY ENOUGH to secure your favourite samples. Please revert to the tasting policy form; here, you can fill out your details and make payment for the tasting period which is convenient for you –

It will be our joy to meet you!

A verification email shall be transmitted, with specifications of your time of appointment, date and tasting menu needed.